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Support of PGM-00008 from SparkFun Electronics

PostPosted: 30, 2009 Aug Sun 11:05 am
by admin
This topic tries to answer to Bakkern's question
I have no PGM-00008 so the information I provide below are only inferred from the PGM-00008 schema and what I know of the PIC programming. If you have actually tested this board you are welcome to give feedback and correct any error.

From reviewing the PGM-00008 schema, it seems that the changes from the JDM-2 programming schema is only the addition of the LED that should indicate when the programming voltage is on (though you may need to be in the darkness to see it because the LED will probably not receive more than 1mA).

So Using JDM-2 interface setting, WxPic should be compatible with PGM-0008.

BUT unlike they claim, PGM-00008 will NOT be able to program the 12F629 and 12F675 (using WxPic or any other software) because unlike most of other PIC devices they REQUIRE that VPP(MCLR) is brought at 13V BEFORE VDD reaches 5V (only few ┬ÁS before but not at the same time). These components are quite tolerant except on that timing point. The JDM 2 programmer and the PGM-00008 are both UNable to realize this condition because the 13V is obtained by adding 8V to the 5V from VDD. Therefore the 13V can't exist if 5V does not exist.

This is the reason why I developed the F629 programmer. It is designed to fulfil the requirement that JDM 2 programmer and PGM-00008 can't succeed. But on the opposite it is probably not compatible with the other PICs. But I did not claim it. And its the reason why I call it F629!

So PGM-00008 is a simple (non-professional) programmer not too expensive (you would pay almost its price to get its components) that gives you the capability of a JDM2 programmer. I believe that it has not been tested thoroughly by the provider and you should not rely on the allegation about supported devices. You had rather to read the JDM2 page to get a better information on the product, and this page does not claim any compatibility with 12F629 or 12F675.