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xvpic is not responding

PostPosted: 01, 2010 Mar Mon 9:47 am
by OZ1BV

My setup:
- Windows 7
- AN589 programmer
- Std. LPT port
- PIC18F4685

vxpic is able to initialize the programmer (Says Interface tested, OK.).
I am able to toggle pins (tried with the "Pull MCLR low") and it works.
When I want the start programming the PIC, vxpic freezes and is not responding at all.

I know that my programmer is working since I am able to program the PIC with IC-prog (it does not support PIC18F4685 but a small test program could be loaded into the PIC when selecting another PIC18F family PIC).

Any ideeas about how to solve this problem?

Regards, Brian

Re: xvpic is not responding

PostPosted: 01, 2010 Mar Mon 7:29 pm
by admin
Hi Brian,

I have not tested WxPic with the 18F series because I have no device and no programmer for that. So I have no idea of what the problem can be. Though to help understand the issue I suggest that you set the "Generate Verbose Messages" option (bottom left of Option Tab) and copy here the messages that are displayed in the Messages Tab once WxPic has stopped working.
The traces may help to understand. Though I cannot be sure that this will be sufficient.