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Help PIC16F1847

Postby sokoloko » 14, 2011 Jun Tue 7:51 am


First I want to congratulate you on your project, it's great and helped me a lot.

I would like to tell a doubt, I have a PIC16F1847, but do not appear in the list of compatible PIC.

There any option to program the PIC from its fantastic software?

PS: Sorry for the language but I'm not native
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Re: Help PIC16F1847

Postby admin » 14, 2011 Jun Tue 8:22 pm


That seems to be a recent PIC. Its documentation is dated 2010. So it has not been yet added to WxPic device definition file.
After a quick review of its programming characteristics, there is 90% chance that WxPic can program it using one-word program cycle. Though this will be much slower than programming 32 words at a time (which is not yet supported by WxPic).

But it will be necessary to add its characteristics to the device.ini file.

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