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Downloading Library

Postby RTom » 22, 2010 Mar Mon 5:53 pm


I'm trying to build wxpic from your source code with a few modifications. I'm trying to programm a pic 18f26k20. I have already modified the ini file but it seems that te pic has a diverent bulk erase code. Maybe there are other diverses but i havent found them yet. So to alter thies settings i want to modify and build wxpic. I have downloaded code blocks and the latest library but it did not build the exe file, instead it gifs a lot of errors. I also tried the older 2.6.2 library but also with (other) errors. The link to your prebuilt library is death. Is it posible to reopen the link to your library file?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Downloading Library

Postby admin » 22, 2010 Mar Mon 7:44 pm


I am sorry for this broken link. :oops: It is fixed now.
Note that in case you get a similar error again you may try to browse the directories by removing the filename (out of the Mantis and the BB file trees where this would be a security issue, I have intentionally not blocked the access to the directory listing). You would have found that the file was existing with an uppercase instead lowercase (an error I can't detect on my PC).

I hope you will succeed in generating your modified binary.

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Re: Downloading Library

Postby RTom » 22, 2010 Mar Mon 8:24 pm

Ok, thanks, i have dowloaded the file.



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