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Windows 7 64 Bit

PostPosted: 30, 2011 Nov Wed 12:04 pm
by mmilanesi
Hello, first of all congratulations on your work is very helpful for me.
The situation is this: I have an AN589 programmer connected to the parallel port of a computer, this is a test computer, this computer has two disks, one with Windows 7 32-bit and WxPic (in this condition is working properly) and the other disk has Windows 7 64-bit and WxPic (in this condition does not work)
The error report is as follows:

08:57:06.963 Info: Parsing argument from command line
08:57:06.980 Open LPT1 port
08:57:07.583 Error Initialize WinRing0

08:57:07.735 Open LPT1 port
08:57:07.735 Cannot occupy LPT1: Error=13
08:57:07.736 Error Initialize WinRing0

Error in PIC_HW_Init: Error Initialize WinRing0

Could not switch off Vpp !
Could not switch Clock or Data !
Could not switch Clock or Data !
Failed read back of DATA line (HIGH) !
08:57:07.779 WARNING: Could not initialize programmer !
Testing: delay(500ms) took 0.50 seconds, timer_freq=2.6039 MHz ... ok

Any chance of it working in 64-bit version?

Thanks for your help
Mario Milanesi

Re: Windows 7 64 Bit

PostPosted: 02, 2011 Dec Fri 12:11 am
by admin
Hi Mario,

WxPic is using WinRing0 for accessing parallel port. The guy who have developed WinRing0 has stopped working on it (in the form WxPic is using it) when Windows 7 has been released. So there is no version compatible with Windows 7. In addition as this is a 32bit driver it is compatible with no 64bit Windows.

I would be interested to investigate how to build a driver for Windows 7 to create a replacement. But that's not a simple task especially when you want to do it using gcc (everybody use MS Visual Studio for that). Unfortunately I had not enough available time for those investigation until now.

Nevertheless, I think that there is a 64bit OS compatible with WxPic: Linux. I did not yet tested WxPic with a 64bit LINUX but as WxPic does not need to install a driver under Linux to access the parallel port, it should work. I have no other solution to propose to you until further notice.


Re: Windows 7 64 Bit

PostPosted: 02, 2011 Dec Fri 1:33 pm
by mmilanesi
Thanks Philippe for your response, while waiting for your answer I was looking on the internet and found that there WinRing0 discontinued the project, however I found a newer version that supports 64-bit and yesterday replaces the files used by WxPic and now works perfectly on Windows 7 64 bit.
This is the download link =
In the folder "release" there are the binaries for Windows.
I program successfully several times a PIC16F88 and will continue to testing.
I will continue to testing and then I will send you the results.

Mario Milanesi

Re: Windows 7 64 Bit

PostPosted: 02, 2011 Dec Fri 9:24 pm
by admin

Good finding!
It was a long time ago I stopped searching for WinRing0. It's good that someone has revived this driver. I will probably publish a 64bits version for WxPic with it now that most of new computers have 64bit OS.

Thanks for the advice.