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WxPic V1.3 Released

PostPosted: 30, 2012 May Wed 7:38 pm
by admin
WxPic V1.3 is now available. It can be found on the download page or on SourceForge.

Add the support of Windows 64bits (XP, Vista or 7)
Add a build for CentOS 5.7
Switch Ubuntu build to Ubuntu 12.04
Add the capability to run several instances at the same time
Add the capability to save several sets of parameters
And to finish the minor evolutions that have not been added in V1.2 to avoid delaying it.

- 0000082: [WxPic Application] WxPic may display "Windows fooled around with the LPT port bit" with Linux build (admin) - resolved.
- 0000060: [WxPic Application] Corruption of access rights of user browser files (admin) - resolved.
- 0000081: [Installer] Add binaries for CentOS (admin) - resolved.
- 0000080: [WxPic Application] In verbose mode the message "Winring0 de-initialized" is displayed too often (admin) - resolved.
- 0000079: [WxPic Application] The interface status not correctly updated upon Interface type selection (admin) - resolved.
- 0000077: [WxPic Application] The session chooser does not resize when session name length changes (admin) - resolved.
- 0000076: [WxPic Application] When starting WxPic a message indicates "deleted staled old file" (admin) - resolved.
- 0000075: [WxPic Application] Window may be created out of visible display (admin) - resolved.
- 0000051: [WxPic Application] Format of DevListDump.txt file is UNIX like instead of Windows like (admin) - resolved.
- 0000006: [WxPic Application] Reg: The progress bar no longer disappears (admin) - resolved.
- 0000040: [WxPic Application] Much old obsolete code in comment (admin) - resolved.
- 0000052: [WxPic Application] The menu "Dump Translation table to file" has no effet (admin) - resolved.
- 0000054: [WxPic Application] Unecessary error dialog when a custom interface is setup (admin) - resolved.
- 0000049: [WxPic Application] Avoid the need to select the MPLAB dev directory (admin) - resolved.
- 0000042: [WxPic Application] Editing the config memory is not easy (admin) - resolved.
- 0000074: [Installer] WxPic is not compatible with 64bit Version of Windows (admin) - resolved.
- 0000059: [WxPic Application] Segment Violation when accessing parallell port with missing privileges (admin) - resolved.
- 0000046: [WxPic Application] The editing of config memory differs from edition of program or data memory (admin) - resolved.
- 0000043: [WxPic Application] The config word value not updated in Config Memory panel (admin) - resolved.
- 0000045: [WxPic Application] The wrong entries in the Config memory editor must be indicated immediatly (admin) - resolved.
- 0000010: [WxPic Application] Add an ASCII column to the data and code grids (admin) - resolved.
- 0000071: [WxPic Application] Add the capability to run several instances of WxPic (admin) - resolved.