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WxPic 1.3.1 Released

PostPosted: 15, 2012 Aug Wed 5:44 pm
by admin
WxPic V1.3.1 is now available. It can be found on the download page or on SourceForge.

Fixes bug in V1.3 and provides some minor evolutions

- 0000084: [WxPic Application] Add support for PIC16F1827 and its family (admin) - resolved.
- 0000087: [WxPic Application] Add device list sorting (admin) - resolved.
- 0000086: [WxPic Application] Unecessary method declaration in MainFrame.h (admin) - resolved.
- 0000085: [WxPic Application] When WxPic initializes from a blank configuration, programming checboxes are unchecked (admin) - resolved.
- 0000083: [WxPic Application] "Recent Files" menu option not working correctly (admin) - resolved.