WxPic V1.2.2 Released

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WxPic V1.2.2 Released

Postby admin » 03, 2011 Apr Sun 9:45 pm

WxPic V1.2.2 is now available. It can be found on the download page or on SourceForge.
This is the first version that can run on Linux.

Other changes are:
- 0000068: [WxPic Application] When DATA programming is unchecked Programming algo is wrong (admin) - resolved.
- 0000069: [WxPic Application] When loading a HEX file with no data the message is not clear (admin) - resolved.
- 0000067: [Help] In the help the links that return to top are labeled in French (admin) - resolved.
- 0000066: [WxPic Application] Not possible to trigger or exit from Batch mode using keyboard (admin) - resolved.
- 0000065: [Installer] Uninstaller does not delete the WxPic Directory (admin) - resolved.
- 0000064: [Installer] Uninstaller does not uninstall itself (admin) - resolved.
- 0000063: [WxPic Application] Green Led flickers (admin) - resolved.
- 0000062: [WxPic Application] Switch to Code::Blocks 10.05 / wxWidgets V2.8.11 / GCC 4.4 (admin) - resolved.
- 0000057: [WxPic Application] Preparation to Linux Porting (admin) - resolved.
- 0000048: [Help] Improve access to the device definition file format from the help (admin) - resolved.
- 0000055: [WxPic Application] Change all TCHAR in wxChar for portability (admin) - resolved.
- 0000058: [WxPic Application] Port the I/O port access and Timer interface to Linux (admin) - resolved.
- 0000056: [WxPic Application] Reorganize source files (admin) - resolved.
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