WxPic 1.3R221 Report

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WxPic 1.3R221 Report

Postby ata » 18, 2012 Jul Wed 6:28 pm

Just to report..

WxPic 1.3R221 works OK, no more problems with the OSCCAL on 12F675 pic in Batch Mode.

Batch-Mode works OK. Tested on pics: 12F675, 12F1822 and PIC18F4620 Win XP SP3 and Win7 SP1

Tested OK with 3 (LPT1-2-3) programmers-adapters at the same time in the same PC!!
Programming 3 different type of PIC with different CODE in batch mode
Operators don't need to see the PC screen or use the keyboard.
They only use the buttom and the Green/Red leds on each adapter.

Thanks a lot for this very well made software
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Re: WxPic 1.3R221 Report

Postby admin » 18, 2012 Jul Wed 6:42 pm

Thanks a lot for this report. It is very pleasant to learn that this is working well :D
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