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Here are the installer and the sources of WxPic. You will also find tips to use the source code.

Lastest News


Here is the new V1.3 version. It brings the compatibility with 64-bit Windows for recent computers. It also can allow you to working with several programmers simultaneously.


Erdem U. Altinyurt has ported WxPic to Linux so you are no longer obliged to run Windows to program a PIC. To help this contribution, WxPic has now its own SourceForge page allowing to share source management and where you can find a mirror of all the binaries available below. Though there are still some flaws, see known problems below.

Known problems:
#0000059: Under LINUX, if the parallel port is used and WxPic is NOT run with root credentials (sudo), WxPic will crash with a segment violation.
#0000060: Under LINUX, If WxPic is run WITH root credentials (sudo) and the help is requested, your browser will be called with root credential so it will write its configuration with those credentials, preventing any later access to the browser without them

Major fix in V1.2.2:
#0000068: When DATA programming is unchecked in Options tab, Programming algo is wrong and causes the lost of OSCCAL word for devices that have one.

An other important change in the V1.2.2 WxPic version is that most of development tools versions have been upgraded. Taking the opportunity of this complete re-installation all the steps needed to build the WxPic development environment have been traced (for Windows and for the new Linux/Ubuntu platform)



With the version V1.2 the 18F support has be added. Unfortunately this new capability has not been tested (it relies only on WinPic tests). Please give feed back about what works or not.



The installer contains all the language translations (today only french translation is available).

Please report on the tracker or the forum any problem you have with any version. I like to know what is working too because I can't test all configurations myself. So don't hesitate to indicate on the forum what you are doing with WxPic. For example I indicate that WxPic V1.2 is compatible with Windows 7 but I did not test it.

If you have problems with the latest version, you may try an older one. It may be a regression...

These files can also been found on the WxPic's download page on SourceForge.

The compressed files (identified with .7z extension) are compressed with 7Zip and can be decompressed with this tool.


Last Release

Release Notes


WxPic installer V1.3.1R229 for Windows (XP, VISTA or 7) dated 2012-08-15 (1231147 bytes)


The WxPic Linux binaries have been built under Ubuntu 12.04 and CentOS 5.7.

WxPic gzipped Tar V1.3.1R229 for Ubuntu 12.04 dated 2012-08-15 (576212 bytes)

WxPic gzipped Tar V1.3.1R229 for CentOS 5.7 dated 2012-08-15 (601428 bytes)

You need the package the wxGTK package (wxWidgets runtime) and its dependencies to run it.

Older Versions


WxPic installer V1.3R221 for Windows (XP, VISTA or 7) dated 2012-05-28 (1230186 bytes)

WxPic installer V1.2.3R174 for Windows (XP, VISTA or 7) dated 2011-09-03 (1128129 bytes)

WxPic installer V1.2.2R122 for Windows (XP, VISTA or 7) dated 2011-04-03 (1116391 bytes)

WxPic installer V1.2.1R194 for Windows (XP, VISTA or 7) dated 2010-01-15 (1410754 bytes)

WxPic installer V1.2R186 for Windows (XP, VISTA or 7) dated 2010-01-10 (1410720 bytes)

WxPic installer V1.1.1R150 for Windows (XP or VISTA) dated 2009-10-30 (1386825 bytes)

WxPic installer V1.1R136 for Windows (XP or VISTA) dated 2009-10-10 (1384754 bytes)

WxPic installer V1.0.1R121 for Windows (XP or VISTA) dated 2009-07-25 (1360249 bytes)

WxPic installer V1.0R105 for Windows (XP or VISTA) dated 2009-07-18 (1358160 bytes)


WxPic gzipped Tar V1.3R221 for Ubuntu 12.04 dated 2012-05-28 (573198 bytes)

WxPic gzipped Tar V1.3R221 for CentOS 5.7 dated 2012-05-28 (599343 bytes)

WxPic gzipped Tar V1.2.3R174 for Linux dated 2011-09-03 (509875 bytes)

WxPic gzipped Tar V1.2.2R122 for Linux dated 2011-04-03 (509779 bytes)



Source code

The source archives files are available below. These files can also been found on the WxPic's download page or SVN repository on SourceForge. Starting somewhere between V1.2.1 and V1.2.2 SourceForge hosts the source Configuration Management. This explains why the revision number of V1.2.2 is lower than V1.2.1. It has restarted at 1 when the repository has been moved to SourceForge.

Version V1.2.2 and Above

WxPic V1.3.1R229 sources dated 2012-08-15 (597911 bytes)

WxPic V1.3R221 sources dated 2012-05-28 (597442 bytes)

WxPic V1.2.3R174 sources dated 2011-09-03 (476780 bytes)

WxPic V1.2.2R122 sources dated 2011-04-03 (476871 bytes)

Custom Setup file for compiling the Win32 wxWidgets V2.8.11 and WxPic sources used starting with V1.2.2 (46670 Bytes)

Pregenerated wxWidgets V2.8.11 library set suitable for linking in Win32 Release mode used starting with V1.2.2 (1713561 Bytes)


Version V1.2.1 and Before

WxPic V1.2.1R194 sources dated 2010-01-15 (483158 bytes)

WxPic V1.2R186 sources dated 2010-01-10 (483053 bytes)

WxPic V1.1.1R150 sources dated 2009-10-30 (455029 bytes)

WxPic V1.1R136 sources dated 2009-10-10 (452576 bytes)

WxPic V1.0.1R121 sources dated 2009-07-25 (430851 bytes)

WxPic V1.0R105 sources dated 2009-07-18 (429066 bytes)

Custom Setup file for compiling the wxWidgets V2.6.2 and WxPic sources used up to V1.2.1 (46447 Bytes)

Pre-generated wxWidgets V2.6.2 library suitable for linking with WxPic used up to V1.2.1 (16180216 Bytes)


Development Tools

The source archive contains all the developped files to build the executable yourself. Though you will need some tools and libraries to complete the operation. Obviously they are not included in the archive. You will have to download them from their respective sites or Debian depot. Though to ease your job the Win32 wxWidgets libraries are provided here. A mirror of each Win32 tool installer is also provided so that you can get it even if the link to the site is broken.

Win32 Tools

The compiler
It's GCC of MinGW. Since WxPic 1.2.2, the TDM-GCC variant included in the Code::Blocks installer is used. It integrates better in Code::Block so it is recommended. See Development Environment below for getting the compiler.
The Development Environment
No makefile is provided instead a Code::Blocks project allows to build the WxPic binary. The version used starting from V1.2.2 is Code::Blocks 10.05 including its adapted version of MinGw. In case the links do not work you can also find a copy of Code::Blocks 10::05 with MinGW installer here on WxPic site (NOT recommended).
The wxWidgets Library
WxPic relies on the wxWidgets framework to Improve its portability (though the parallel and serial ports hardware access is not portable). So in addition to the headers and libraries provided by MinGW you need to compile and link with the wxWidgets headers and libraries. The wxWidgets version used starting with WxPic V1.2.2 is wxWidgets V2.8.11 tailored by using a specific setup.h file. It is provided as a separate file above in the Source Code section. In case you would have an issue generating the wxWidgets library the minimal set of libraries needed to generate WxPic in Release Mode is provided above in the Source Code section. Though downloading the pre-built library does not avoid the need to download wxWidget V2.8.11 and the customized setup file because these headers are used during the compilation. In case the links do not work you can also find a copy of wxWidgets 2.8.11 installer here on WxPic site (NOT recommended).
The Installer Compiler
To complete the last generation step, i.e. building the installer, you will need the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). The NSIS version used starting with WxPic V1.2.2 is NSIS V2.46. It will be able to compile the WxPic.nsi script provided in WxPic source code.
The Internationalisation Tools
To build and to compile the language translation files the gettext tools are used. In order to run them on Windows, the MinGW port is used. The gettext used starting with WxPic V1.2.2 is gettext V0.17.1 mingw32.

Refer to the Build page for more information on installing those tools.


Linux Packages

To run or develop WxPic under Linux some external packages are needed. For execution only the runtime package is necessary. For the development all the packages (and their dependencies) are necessary (except the codeblocks and debug packages that are optional). The exact packages depend on your OS. Below are listed the packages for Ubuntu 12.04 and CentOS 5.7.

Categories Ubuntu 12.04 CentOS 5.7
wxWidgets Runtime libwxgtk2.8-0 wxGTK-2.8.12 *
wxWidgets Development


wxGTK-devel-2.8.12 *
Codeblocks IDE codeblocks
<non essayé>
C++ Compiler g++ gcc-c++-4.1.2-52.el5_8.1.i386
XSLT 2.0 processor libsaxonb-java

+ manual installation of saxon9he.jar **

gettext Tool gettext gettext
SVN subversion subversion

* The wxGTK packages are not available in stardard CentOS package repository. To get those packages, the best way is to register the RPMforge repository that contains the necessary packages. The method to register the site is described on CentOS site:

** The manual installation of saxon9he.jar can be performed in the following way: