Frequently Ask Questions

I am using the parallel port and I got the error WARNING ! Windows fooled around with the LPT port bits !
This problem solution is explained in the chapter about the Interface Panel
I am using VISTA and I got an error when using the parallel port
Under VISTA the parallel port access requires to register WxPic as a priviledge program. This is necessary only for WxPic V1.1. This is performed automatically starting with WxPic V1.1.1. Note that when WxPic is correctly registered as a priviledged program, a shield should be visible on the WxPic application icon. And WxPic requires a security confirmation upon starting (unless this has been deactivated on the PC).
Once my device selected I get the error Can't open file 'device\<device>.dev'
WxPic need a detailed description of the components to program them. In order to get up-to-date descriptions, WxPic uses the files provided by Michochip in the MPLAB IDE.Those files being under Microchip copyrights, they cannot be provided in the WxPic installation. Therefore they must be downloaded separately on the MPLAB page and then WxPic must be told where those files are. Note that starting with V1.1.1 this error is no longer a popup dialog box but only an error in status bar and the focus is sent on the field to update whose title has become red.
I have launched a Batch programming and I can't manage to start the programmation of my first / next device
There are 2 ways to trigger programming: Either press on key Enter or press your adaptator button. Unfortunately in V1.2.1 and previous versions, pressing the Enter key was not active. If you are using V1.2.2 or following, select the Messages tab, clic in the log Window before pressing Enter.