WxPic Buttons and Menus

The buttons and menus allow to enter WxPic commands. The puttons allows to execute the most frequent operations. The menus regroup all the available functions.

The Button Bar

The buttons and their associated functions are the following:

The Session quick selector The last item in the bar is the Session quick selector. It allows to switch to a new session. The selected session must be Available for the operation to succeed else an error will be raised and no session change will occur. Before switching if the configuration is modified it is saved. Use the Session Management Dialog if you don't want to save the modifications of the configuration.


The Menus

WxPic provides the following menus:

The File Menu

The File Menu provides the functions involving the Hexfiles and the WxPic exit commands:

Load HEX file...
Open an Hex file to be selected and loads its content in the buffers.
Load and Program Device... 
Open an Hex file to be selected, loads its content in the buffers and program the device with it.
Reload and Program 
Re-read the last loaded Hex file, update the buffers with its new content and program the device with it.
Recent Files 
Display the names of the 6 most recently loaded Hex files. Choosing one of these files reload its content in the buffers.
Dump buffer to HEX file... 
Write in HEX format the content of the buffers in a file to be defined.
Manage Sessions...
Open the Session Management Dialog.
Exit without saving the settings 
Quit WxPic without saving the changes made to the WxPic's configuration since the program startup.
Quit WxPic after saving the WxPic configuration. This configuration includes the loaded Hex file name, the used programmer and device, etc...

The Edit menu

The Edit menu provides the functions related to the buffer edition:

Clear Buffer
Erase the content of the Code, Data and Configuration WxPic's buffers.
Enable HEX editor
When checked, allows to edit the hexadecimal display of the Code, Data or Configuration buffer content. The modification has to be applied before actually affecting the buffers. By default editing is enabled.
Apply edits
Apply to the buffers the editing performed in the pages displaying the buffer content (Code, Data and Configuration).
Discard edits
Cancel the change enter in the pages displaying the buffer content (Code, Data and Configuration) and redisplay the buffer original content.

The Device Menu

The Device Menu provides the operations that affect the device:

Display the Config page and set the focus on the device selection list.
Program the device with the buffer content.
Program Config word only
Program only the Config word(s).
Program ID only
Program the Configuration words that define the user identification.
Erase the device.
Verify that the content of the device memory is identical to the buffer content. In case of difference, the Code or Data words that are erroneous are displayed in red in their corresponding page.
Blank Check
Verify that the device is blank, as it should be after erasing.
Read the content of the device memory and store it in the WxPic buffers.
Reset the programmer and stop any batch programming in progress.

The Tools Menu

The Tools menu provides miscellaneous utilitary functions:

Start Batch Programming
Start programming a batch of devices. Between each device WxPic waits for a confirmation or programmer button press.
Dump Built-in device list to file...
Write in a file to be defined the list of devices that are predefined in WxPic.
Show Programmer Options
Display the Options page.